Modesty Photo Shoot

I think a good way to be a witness to your friends and to have a good time is to do a modesty photo shoot. The purpose is to show the world that there is beauty in modesty, and it is joyful, freeing, and honoring. It’s not to show off or make yourself appear better than you are. As in all things, do it for God’s glory!

So call up some friends who you think exemplify modesty, grab an amateur photographer (like me!), and find some beautiful scenery.  It’s good fun, and you’ll have some cute photos and good memories to go along with them! 😉

…and be sure to have fun with it!

Here are some of our photos from modesty photo shoot.


One thought on “Modesty Photo Shoot

  1. You girls are incredibly beautiful. Soooooooo much more beautiful than models with skimpy clothes, tons of makeup, and airbrushed photos. When I look at those models, I just feel inadequate or upset that our culture is so fake. When I look at you girls, I just feel happy. You radiate joy and peace and Christ. Thank you for your ministry!!!


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